How To Know You’ve Found Your Dream Wedding Dress

Feb 28, 2022

You are (most likely) going to try on many wedding dresses on the journey to finding your dream wedding dress. Some of them might be a sparkly ballgown, and others might be A-line lace dreams. You’ll want to keep some of them on forever, and others you’ll never want to put on again. That’s okay! Every dress that you try on means something… because it teaches you something. It’s a good thing to try on a pretty dress that just isn’t for you, because it makes you that much closer to finding your dream wedding dress.

But, how do you know when you’re done? How do you know when you’re wearing your dream wedding dress?


Here are a few signs that you’ve found your dream wedding dress.

1. You don’t want to take it off

Picture this moment. You’re standing in front of a mirror with a wedding dress on. You have a veil or headpiece on. Your closest friends and family members are sitting behind you, waiting to hear what you think.

You know that you have to go take it off in the dressing room to try on the next dress… but you don’t want to! You absolutely cannot bear the thought of having to take this dress off.

Well, this is a great sign! Your dream wedding dress should feel like just that — a complete dream. It should make you feel confident, beautiful, and, most of all, you.

2. Someone cries

We feel the need to mention this point. Because so many brides have watched the show Say Yes to the Dress, they think that they haven’t found their dream wedding dress until they (or someone else) cries.

We’re here to tell you… that isn’t necessarily going to be the case! Many brides don’t cry when they try on wedding dresses, and end up buying one that they love. And that’s okay!

If you realize that your dress is everything that you’re looking for, and everyone agrees that it’s your dress, but no one cries… so what? There are no tears necessary!

Think about it this way: are you typically an emotional person? Do you cry often? If not, why would you cry when you are trying on wedding dresses? Not everyone does.

On the flip side, it definitely is okay to cry! It is a big moment in a wedding dress journey, and if you tend to be an emotional person, then it can make you cry. A lot of brides end up crying because they see their mom crying.

3. You can picture yourself walking down the aisle in the dress

Many times, a bride has narrowed the search down to two different dresses. Then, they can’t seem to choose between those two. Typically, the two dresses are on completely opposite sides of the spectrum… which is what can make it so hard to choose!

o make the final decision, you need to decide how you want to feel on your wedding day. How do you picture yourself walking down the aisle? How do you picture yourself dancing at your reception? Pick the one that you picture yourself in on the big day.

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