Finding Your Dress When You Like Everything At Your Bridal Appointment

Feb 28, 2022

The first time that you walk into a bridal shop can be overwhelming. There’s tulle and lace everywhere! When you have so many options, how can you possibly say yes to the dress?! Plus, if you like every single dress that you try on, it can get even more confusing.


There are some tips and tricks to staying focused on what you really want in a wedding dress to get you to say yes to the dress. 

1. Have an open mind and a game plan coming into your appointment 

Every time a bride calls us to make an appointment, we tell them to keep an open mind when they come in. Why? Trying on wedding dresses is so much different than looking at pictures of them. 

You might think that you know what you’re looking for in a wedding dress, but so many things can change once you actually start trying them on.

How confident do you feel wearing it? How comfortable is it? Does it give you the wow factor that you’re looking for? These are all things that might change as you try on dresses! Although it is important to keep an open mind, this can make it confusing if you end up liking every style that you try on. Before this happens, think of a strategy to use to help you narrow down your options. When you start trying on dresses, make a “checklist” of must-have elements that you are looking for. This could be: 

  • A long train 
  • A low or interesting back 
  • It has to be comfortable enough for me to dance in 

Instead of focusing on the fact that you like everything about every dress, this can help you see which ones check off all of your boxes! 

2. Remember the details that you love 

When you try on a dress that you really like, and then take it off, it can get hard to remember what exactly you liked about it. Especially when you start trying on a lot of dresses! 

When you try on a dress, think about what you like (or don’t like) about each dress. It can even be helpful to make a list on your phone! Or, even better, take a picture in each one before you take it off to help you remember. 

3. Think about your venue and wedding style 

Of course, you should always choose the dress that makes you feel the most confident and beautiful. But if you’re having a tough time deciding which dress to choose when you like them all, think about your wedding details.

If your wedding will be outside in the middle of summer, then a lightweight option will probably be best. If you’re getting married in the middle of winter, then you might choose a long-sleeved ballgown. 

Think about the personality of your wedding day to help you narrow down the choices! 

4. Keep your body language in mind 

A lot of times, a bride’s body language can give away how a bride really feels in a dress. If a bride loves a dress, she is relaxed and beaming. If she doesn’t like it, she looks tense and is very analytical, pointing out every detail that she doesn’t like. 

If you (or someone with you) notices any of these things happening while you try on a dress, pay attention! This can help you realize that you are absolutely in love with a dress, or if you hate it. 

5. Try your other favorites on before you say yes to the dress 

Once you have the search narrowed down to two or three dresses that are your favorites, try each of them on again. You’ll probably pick up on some details that you may have missed the first time! 

Think about these things when you try them on again: 

  • Are there any details missing that you really want, and another dress has?
  • Does each option make sense for your venue/wedding day?
  • How does each one compare to your checklist of must-haves?
  • Do you feel completely comfortable and confident in each dress, or are there some details that you’re unsure about?

Keep in mind that it’s perfectly okay to like more than one style of dress! It’s very common to like more than one dress that you try on. 

The trick to saying yes to the dress is to find the wedding dress that matches your personality into your bridal look. You need to focus in on the details of the dress to see if you truly love them! 

Remember, at K&B Hagerstown, we pride ourselves on having bridal stylists that will be there to help you every step of the way. They will talk you through every option, so don’t stress! You may even end up saying yes to the dress here if you book an appointment with us!