5 Wedding Planning Tasks To Check Off Your List In The New Year

Mar 1, 2022

If you’re reading this, then you might have gotten engaged over the holidays. Congratulations! Even if that’s not the case, but you’re recently engaged, this post can help you out! Today, we’re talking about five wedding planning tasks that you can check off your list in the new year. But, these can all be done early on in your engagement journey — it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the new year!


Here are five things to start planning for your wedding in the new year.

1. Research bridal shops

Did you know that we recommend starting to shop for your wedding dress about a year before your wedding day? We know, that seems early! But, standard shipping for a wedding gown can take six to nine months. Then, you want to leave enough time for alterations, which every wedding dress needs!

If you are shopping for a completely custom gown, then these times can be even longer. So, that’s why we recommend you start shopping at least a year out! This gives you plenty of time without feeling like you need to rush or have to pay extra rush shipping fees.

2. Decide your theme/color scheme

A lot of aspects of your wedding will revolve around your theme or color scheme. Nowadays, most weddings don’t have a “theme,” so to speak. However, you will most likely have an overall vibe that you’re trying to follow! For example: rustic, elegant, glam, etc.

From there, you can also choose some sort of color scheme. A lot of different aspects of your wedding will typically follow a color scheme, from your table settings to your flowers to your bridal party’s attire. So, it’s important to have this figured out early on in the planning process! 

3. Ask bridal party members

Haven’t had the chance to ask anyone to be in your bridal party yet? Now is the perfect time to do so! Now that the craziness of the holidays and gifts is over, you can dedicate some time to figuring out how you want to ask members of your bridal party to be in your wedding.

Some ideas of things to do include: 

  • Putting together a cute “proposal” box
  • Having a dinner party at your house to ask all of your members together
  • Take a mini staycation for the weekend and ask them there

Once you ask your bridal party members, especially your maid of honor, then they can help you plan certain aspects of your wedding!

4. Get engagement photos scheduled

You might already have your photographer booked, but have you scheduled engagement photos yet? If not, now is the perfect time! Many couples use their engagement photos for their save-the-dates. If you’re planning to do this, it’s important to get the photos done early on!

5. Start planning your honeymoon

Yes, it feels like planning your wedding day should take precedence over your honeymoon. While that might be true overall, wedding planning can get really overwhelming! Take some time away from it to start planning your honeymoon together. This can be a great distraction from the craziness of wedding planning, and gives you both something to look forward to once the wedding is over!