Our Guide To Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Mar 1, 2022

One of the aspects to a wedding dress that brides think about before they even begin shopping is the silhouette. How many types of silhouettes are there? Which one is right for you? Today, we’re going through the different wedding dress silhouettes!


If you are new to the bridal world, then you may be asking what a wedding dress silhouette even is! It is essentially the shape of the gown.


Here is our guide to the four different wedding dress silhouettes.


Sheath gowns are sometimes known as column gowns. These have a very “straight” shape to them. Some sheath gowns have fitted aspects to them, but they are generally not fitted or flowy. However, they do highlight your natural shape!

Typically, sheath gowns do not have a long train.


Fit-and-flare is a bit of an umbrella term. Both mermaid and trumpet silhouettes are included under fit-and-flare!

Essentially, a fit-and-flare gown is fitted throughout the bodice and then flares out toward the bottom. Where exactly the gown flares out varies. Usually, a mermaid gown flares out at the knees, while a trumpet gown flares out about mid-thigh. 

Also, some fit-and-flares have more of a dramatic flare than others do! Mermaid gowns are usually the most dramatic.


Gown pictured: 11107 by Adore by Justin Alexander

A-Line gowns are some of the most common wedding dresses — for both designers and brides! This is probably because they are flattering on every body shape. A-Line gowns are more fitted on the top and gradually begin to flare out at the waist. Picture a ballgown, but less dramatic of a skirt! The best way to think of it is that it is shaped like the capital letter A, hence the name.


Gown pictured: PR2251 by Iryna Kotapska

Finally, we have ballgowns. These are most popular with brides who are looking for a traditional bridal look. These gowns are fitted in the bodice, and have a large, full skirt.


When it comes down to it, we don’t believe that there are any silhouettes that are “right” — or not right — for any specific body type! Ultimately, you should feel beautiful and confident in your wedding dress. That’s all that matters! 

Once you start trying on gowns, you will start to narrow down the styles and silhouettes that you are most comfortable in. It all depends on your preferences, and really has nothing to do with your body shape! Here are some things to ask yourself when you’re thinking about wedding dress silhouettes:

  • Do I want to look sexy or more modest?
  • How comfortable am I in each silhouette?
  • Do I feel like any of the silhouettes overpower me? (Ex: sometimes petite brides feel like a ballgown is too overpowering for their smaller size. But other petite brides fall in love with a ballgown!)

Again, it ultimately comes down to how you feel in the wedding dress. Try not to go into your first appointment with your heart set on a specific silhouette — you might feel completely different once you start trying them on! We suggest trying on one of each silhouette to start with so that you don’t question it later on in the process.