How To Stay Cool For A Summer Wedding

Feb 28, 2022

It’s almost May, which means that we are one step closer to summer! This means that there are a ton of summer weddings coming up — woohoo!

As fun as that outdoor barn reception will be, it’s going to be H-O-T! So, how can you stay cool throughout the wedding day? Today, we’re giving you all the tips that can apply to the newlyweds, wedding party, and guests!


No matter what your role is in the wedding, here are all of our tips to staying cool during these hot months!

Wear a knee-length dress

Dress: 11100 from Adore by Justin Alexander

The bride may not opt to do this, although more and more brides are going for a knee-length dress these days! However, if you’re in the wedding party or are a guest, we highly recommend wearing a knee-length dress over a full-length gown. This is perfect for most weddings because it can fit a casual or fancy dress code!

Extra tip: Choose a flowy gown rather than a fitted one. You’ll be able to stay much cooler without fabric clinging to your skin!

Offer frozen desserts

Offering a frozen treat sometime throughout the night will be much appreciated by your guests in the warm weather! You could offer champagne popsicles, snowballs (spiked or not!), or an ice cream truck. The possibilities are endless, but whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a huge hit!

Opt for flats

The last thing that you’ll want to worry about in 100-degree weather, is your shoes. This goes for everyone, from the bride to guests!

Now, if you have a lot of experience with heels, then this might not be much of an issue for you. But, the shoe industry has really stepped up its game when it comes to flats! You could even choose a pair of silver, gold, or rose-gold sandals. Depending on the dress code, they are most likely dressy enough for a wedding!

Cool down your cocktail hour

Just because it’s hot outside does not mean that you should sacrifice your outdoor cocktail hour! If your venue has the space, we think that you should go for it. However, try to think of ways to cool down the space! This could include frozen drinks, fans, and more.

Consider the time of day

When you’re planning the timeline of the day, you’ll want to consider the weather. What time of day will be the hottest? Try to work all of your events around that time. It’s always helpful to work with your planner and/or venue when figuring this out!

Set up drink stations

Photo by Oscar Söderlund on Unsplash

If the weather is unbearably hot, staying hydrated is going to be key for everyone! No matter what your budget is, it will be crucial to incorporate some drink stations throught your venue. This could be full-on bars, a table with lemonade and water pitchers, or some coolers full of water bottles and ice.

Hand out personal fans or parasols

Use personalized fans or parasols as your wedding favor, which will double as a way for guests to stay cool throughout the night!

If you need more tips for finding the perfect wedding dress for your summer wedding, reach out to us through social media or by giving us a call at 301-665-1070! We’d love to help!

Featured Image Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash