3 Ways To Get Your Perfect Dress (Sort Of)

Feb 28, 2022

Ideally, every bride would have all of the time and money in the world to plan her dream wedding. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t stop for your wedding! It actually has the annoying habit of everything happening all at once. Suddenly, you’re trying to plan a wedding and start a new job, move across the country, or buy a new house all at the same time! (Okay, maybe your life isn’t that crazy, but you get the idea!) So how do you get everything done if you have a short engagement?! 

Maybe you hadn’t originally planned for a short engagement, but life had other plans in mind. Now you may be rushing to put together a wedding that you will love in a short time. Or, maybe, you just can’t wait to get married and you want a short engagement. 

Whatever the case may be — don’t fear! We have you covered to find your dress at K&B Bridals Hagerstown. 

Something that surprises some brides when they start wedding planning is the amount of time that a wedding dress can take to come in. For a typical designer, each dress is cut to order and can take up to six months! Then, you need three more months for alterations. 


It does make sense that wedding dresses take so long to come in, because each dress is cut for your body. But not everyone has that amount of time, especially if you have a short engagement! Here are some ways to get your gown quicker. 

1. Rush shipping 

Many designers realize that not every bride has that kind of time to wait for their dress to come in. So, they’ve begun to shorten their lead time. For example, some designers have stock available for immediate shipment. Finding your perfect wedding dress can be challenging enough, you don’t want to add having to worry about a time limit into that! 

Thankfully, our personal bridal stylists will be able to help. If you find a gown that you love, we can check sizes and availability for you to make sure that your dress gets here in time. If you have a while before your wedding, but not too much time, then you might want to ask your stylist about rush shipping. Each designer has different policies and fees surrounding rush shipping, but if you have a few months to play with, then it could be a good choice! 

2. Ready-to-Wear 

Another option to consider is our ready-to-wear section! These dresses are ideal for a bride whose wedding is right around the corner. It’s also perfect if you don’t want to worry about shipping at all! You can take these dresses home with you the day that you try them on. 

Many times, the dresses in our ready-to-wear section are either exclusive to our store or have been discontinued by the designer. If you’re looking for a truly unique look, these dresses will be perfect!

With our ready-to-wear dresses, we also offer a care package so that you can make sure you’re taking home the best version of your gorgeous wedding dress. This will include a heavy-duty fabric garment bag, professional cleaning, and steaming and inspection by a stylist before your wedding day. 

All of these are things that you’re going to want done anyway! By purchasing the package, you will save money and get a gorgeous gown that day. 

3. Shh… it’s really a bridesmaid dress! 

Finally, our last option for brides with a short engagement is to look at bridesmaid gowns. If you’re looking for something more light and airy (think a destination or low-key wedding), then this is a perfect choice for you! 

Many bridesmaid dresses are available in ivory or a light blush color. Typically, bridesmaid dresses take about two to three months to come in, as opposed to your four to six month average with wedding gowns. 

Of course, this isn’t great for brides who have a wedding, say, next month. However, these dresses can also be altered much quicker too! And, they are definitely more affordable. 

We Make It Easy 

Now that you have all of these options, doesn’t it seem like it’s easier than ever to get your dream dress?! This is true at K&B Bridals no matter if you have a long or short engagement. 

If you’ve read up to this point and are thinking this sounds like me! I should start looking for a dress. Then we definitely suggest scheduling an appointment with us today!

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, more time is always better than less time. You don’t want to have to rush the process! Ideally, it only happens once. Enjoy every moment of it! 

Now, it’s time to find your perfect wedding dress for your perfect wedding day!