SECRETS to Shopping Our Black Friday Bridal Sale

Oct 14, 2022

Have you heard the news?! Our Black Friday Sale is happening at K&B Bridals November 17-20! Our ready-to-wear gowns will be UP TO 80% OFF during this sale! Click here to book your appointment, and keep reading for all of our best secrets to shopping the sale!

Stay tuned to our Instagram for giveaways

Leading up to the sale, we will announce a few different giveaways relating to booking an appointment for our sale. Be sure to follow our Instagram so that you can stay up to date on how to enter!

Choose an early appointment time

Our biggest pro tip is to book your appointment as early during the sale as you can! The reason for this? The earlier that your appointment is during the sale, the larger selection of dresses that you will have to choose from! As the sale goes on, more dresses will be sold.

Having an early appointment gives you the best chance at finding your dream dress! Don’t let this deter you from coming later during the sale, though – we will still have plenty of dresses to choose from, even if you are our last appointment of the sale!

Have a budget in mind

This is an important tip regardless of whether you are coming to shop during the sale or not – have a budget in mind. This keeps you from trying on a dress that is more than what you are willing to spend, and falling in love with it!

Be prepared to say “yes” to the dress

Our BIGGEST piece of advice for the sale is to be ready to say YES to the dress! If you decide to sit on it, you risk that dress being sold when you come back for it, as we cannot hold a dress for you during the sale!

Many brides say yes to the dress during their first bridal appointment with us, especially during the sale, so we definitely advise that you be ready for the same to happen to you – especially because you will be bringing your dress home with you the same day!

Have a vision

Finally, we do recommend having some sort of an idea of what you are looking for in a wedding dress. This can be as simple as a silhouette that you picture yourself in (or ones that you absolutely know that you do NOT want). This can be very helpful with the sale!

To book an appointment during our Black Friday Bridal Sale, click here! We can’t wait to help you find your dream dress!