4 Questions To Ask During Your Tux Rental Fitting

Feb 28, 2022

Choosing a tux rental is something that typically gets pushed off until near the end of the wedding planning process. Cake tastings and DJ auditions tend to take precedence… you know, the fun things! 

Even though choosing your groom’s and groomsmen’s attire may seem simple on the surface, there are endless style choices. Scheduling a tux styling appointment at a bridal salon can give you the opportunity to ask questions that will help you feel more confident in your tux choice! 

4 Questions to Ask at Your Tux Rental Fitting 

Here are four questions to ask at your tux rental styling or fitting appointment. 

How early should I order my tux rental? 

Tux rentals take a lot less time to come in than wedding dresses (and even bridesmaid dresses) — lucky for those of you who put it off! 

Rentals for tuxes can actually take as little as three weeks to arrive at the shop once they are ordered. Plus, the company will overnight pieces if something doesn’t fit correctly.

So, sure, you can wait this long to order your tux. But there are a lot of reasons to start the process earlier! 

If you have a lot of guys that need a tux, it can be challenging to make sure that everyone comes in to get measured and pay in time to place the order — especially if you’re on a tight timeframe! Plus, there’s always that one guy who waits longer than everyone else. Having some cushion time between now and the wedding will reduce everyone’s stress. 

Also, it’s easier to choose everything before you get measured by having a styling appointment. Once you decide which tux you want and what colors, the fitting will be quick and painless. 

What type of tux fit should I get for my tux rental? 

Deciding on the right fit will depend on the type of men that are in your group. Do you have a mix of guys — both thinner and stockier? Are they all full of muscle? The style of tux you’ll want to rent completely depends on the body types of everyone in the group. 

Tuxes generally come in three basic fits: traditional, modern, and slim. Modern or slim fits are more tailored and are more on-trend than a traditional fit. However, a slim fit won’t work on a larger guy. 

I have groomsmen who live out of state.

What measurements do they need to give you to order their tux rental? 

It’s super common for there to be guys who live out of state that can’t come into the shop to get measured and order their tux. 

If this is the case for you, the groomsmen should get measured professionally through a local bridal store and call his measurements into the shop that’s placing the order.

Our stylists will take down the essential measurements to make sure that the tux comes in with the correct fit. This includes: 

  • Chest 
  • Overarm 
  • Neck 
  • Sleeve length 
  • Outseam 
  • Waist 
  • Hip 

What trends should I think about when I look for a tux ensemble? 

Tux trends do change from year to year. However, our stylists notice what styles are worn more often than others. Be sure to ask for their advice! They work with groomsmen ordering their tuxes every single day. 

In recent years, we’ve noticed grooms choosing long ties over bow ties, and vests instead of cummerbunds. They also tend to choose non-pleated shirts over pleated ones. Some newer trends that we’ve seen (thanks, Pinterest) are cognac and lighter colored dress shoes with the tux rental. 

Asking your stylist any of these basic questions will make the entire process of finding a tux less overwhelming, and your groomsmen will look sharp for the big day! 

In the meantime, browse styles from our tux providers to get some ideas.