Our Tips for Finding Your Perfect Winter Wedding Dress

Jan 19, 2023

Wedding dress shopping is such a magical experience! Add in the magic of a winter wedding, and it is such an amazing time. However, it can be tricky to figure out what to look for in a winter wedding dress, especially if you are in a cold climate!

What to Consider When Shopping for a Winter Wedding Dress

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re shopping for a wedding dress for your winter wedding!

Look for warmth

It’s going to be important to look for aspects in a wedding dress that will help keep you warm — especially if your ceremony will be outdoors! Even if you are not having your wedding outside, you will likely be taking photos outside.

One way to have warmth in your dress is with the fabric. Search for heavier fabrics, rather than a super lightweight dress! Some fabrics to look for include silk mikado, faille, velvet, moire, gabardine, and brocade.

Another element to consider is sleeves! Sleeves will keep your arms warm. If you’re really set on a strapless dress or one with spaghetti straps, then detachable sleeves could be an option to look into!

Finally, if your ceremony is outside but your reception will be in a warm, toasty venue (or vice versa) you could always decide to have two wedding dresses! One can be warm, while the other can be more comfortable and lightweight — perfect for dancing and moving around in! Besides, who doesn’t want an excuse to wear two wedding dresses?

Accessories = your best friend

If you end up choosing a dress that isn’t the warmest, no worries! Accessories will be your best friend. This is especially true if your wedding is inside, but you’re going to take photos outside. You can stay warm to and from your venues with a trendy jacket, warm fur throw, blanket scarf, and more!

Wearing a ballgown? You can probably get away with wearing leggings under your dress! They won’t be seen and will add an extra layer of warmth.

Keep your timeline in mind

When you’re shopping, be sure to have an idea of your day-of wedding timeline in mind. You’ll want to know when you’ll be inside and when you’ll be outside. This will help you choose elements for your dress to add some warmth, or not!

Don’t sacrifice what you want

When it comes down to it, don’t sacrifice what you want in a wedding dress just because you’re getting married in the winter. If you try on a dress with sleeves and absolutely hate them, then you do not have to have them. Your wedding dress should be all about what you’re looking for! There are always ways to keep warm when you’re outside, even if you choose a lightweight dress with side cutouts or a slit. Your wedding dress should embody everything that you want, no exceptions!

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