Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

Mar 1, 2022

Have you waited until the last minute to start shopping for your spouse? No worries! We have a few ideas for you that don’t require you to wait (or pay extra!) for shipping.


Here are some last-minute gift ideas for your spouse!

1. An experience

Experiences are always a gift that is well-loved! Plus, they are easy for something to put together last-minute. This could be a wide variety of things — it all depends what your spouse’s interest and hobbies are! You could get concert tickets, season passes to a local amusement park, a weekend getaway to the mountains, and so much more. Get creative!

2. Jewelry

If you know that your spouse wears jewelry often, then this will be a great gift! If they never wear jewelry, then you might want to choose a different gift. 

This could be a new necklace, bracelet, etc. A really special gift could be an upgrade to their wedding band, such as a second one, replacement, or enhancer!

Of course, to get this one in time for the holidays, we suggest going to your local jewelry store.

3. Subscription

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving for months! There are so many options out there nowadays too, that it will be easy to find something that suits your partner’s tastes. If you need a few ideas, you could do a book subscription (like Book of the Month), a meat subscription (like Butcher Box), or a music subscription (Apple Music, Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium, etc.) 

4. Take them on a shopping trip

If you truly have no idea what to get your spouse, and you know that they love to shop — gift them with a full day that you will take them shopping! You can make a full day of it, with a day of shopping at their favorite stores along with lunch or dinner out. Do your best not to make this an IOU type of thing. Plan a specific day so that they can look forward to it on Christmas day when they open your gift!

5. Pajamas & slippers

Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of pajamas and new slippers? You can get as expensive with this as you want, or there are more affordable options if you’re on a budget or want to get them multiple gifts! You can find these on Amazon or in-store.

6. Spa basket or spa trip

Finally, does your spouse need some self-care time? Get them a package to go to the spa for the day (or weekend!) Or, for a more affordable/at-home option, gift them a spa basket! This can be filled with lotions, bath bombs, bath soaks, and more. 

If your spouse isn’t really into spas or massages, you could always gift them with a gift card to get their nails or hair done!