Custom Bridal Gown Alterations To Get The Look You Want

Feb 28, 2022

Sometimes, a bride ends up wanting to combine features of two different dresses or wants to tweak her dress a little bit to make it “the one.” This can be confusing, because it feels like it will take a lot of work and can’t happen. But this isn’t necessarily true! There are a lot of ways to customize your bridal gown. 

You will be surprised to find out that so many brides use simple alterations to make their original bridal gown custom! 


Between your designer and your seamstress, here are six simple changes that you can make to customize your bridal gown.

1.Add straps to your strapless dress 

When a bride is set on having straps or sleeves, she tends to not even think twice about a strapless gown. Once we mention that the designer or seamstress can add straps to any gown, they are much more comfortable trying them on! 

A lot of times, a bride will choose a strapless dress and have straps or sleeves added during alterations. Some designers might even offer the change directly through them.

If a dress is strapless, then it’s very easy to add straps. If a dress has straps and arm holes, then it’s typically very easy to add sleeves. 

Make sure that you keep your options open and ask about changing the neckline on a dress that you love! 

2. Customize your gown length 

Before you order your dress, ask if there is an option to customize your gown’s length when you order it. This can save you a lot of time and money!

Typically, a seamstress will hem your gown. But there can sometimes be limitations to what a seamstress can do to a dress if there is delicate fabric or a lot of lace detail. 

Make sure that you ask if there is a custom length available from the designer, and how much that would cost. If it is an option, it will usually end up being less to order than it would to alter the hem.


3.Add small embellishments 

Are you absolutely in love with a dress, but wish it had just a little more beading or lace? Or less? Don’t write the dress off just yet! Ask your stylist if the designer or seamstress will be able to add the extra detail that you’re looking for. 

4. Add (or get rid of) poof 

Do you want to have more volume on the bottom of your dress? Or maybe you think it has way too much fabric?

Adding or getting rid of poof is easy! You can add a petticoat to make the dress more full, or you can ask your seamstress to remove crinoline from your skirt. 

5. Replace your zipper with a corset back 

Do you like the old-fashioned, romantic look of corset backs? Even if you don’t find too many dresses with a corset in-store, there are ways to add one! 

You may be able to order your dress from the designer with a corset back. If not, your seamstress might be able to swap out the zipper for a lace-up corset back! 

This option to customize your bridal gown is huge, because it changes the look of the back of the dress entirely. 

6. Ask about other options 

Finally, if you want to make any of these changes to your dress (or something that we didn’t mention!), ask your stylist. Your designer or seamstress might have many different ways to customize your bridal gown. 

Don’t limit what you try on because you don’t want to worry about making changes… more brides do this than you think! Don’t forget to ask your stylist or seamstress if the changes will affect how your dress fits, too. Basically, when in doubt… ask

Do you have more questions about dress shopping or the alteration process? Check out our FAQ section or browse through our other blog posts!