What To Do When You Find Your Wedding Dress Before Your Venue

Feb 28, 2022

Every once in a while, a bride will come to a dress appointment before booking her wedding venue. There could be a lot of different reasons for this! Maybe she can’t find a venue that meets all of the things that she is looking for, maybe there are too many options to narrow down, and maybe she’s just excited and ready to start dress shopping first!

Whatever the case may be for why the bride is dress shopping first, we typically see these appointments go one of two ways. 1: The bride finds her dress & gets to check it off her to-do list early on. Or, 2: the bride feels lost and is unable to make a decision without having the focus of her wedding day figured out… her venue.

Keeping this in mind, how can a bride make such huge decisions about her wedding day and keep wedding planning on-track without having a venue set in place?

Our tip is to make your dress the focus of your wedding day! After all, it’s your day. You can choose your wedding dress simply based on what you’re loving & feel the best in, and then base your other wedding planning decisions around that.

How can t be possible to do this? Well, when you’re dress shopping, try to think about the overall vibe that you want for your wedding. Do you want it to be elegant? Rustic? A garden party? Bohemian? This can really help narrow down your choices!

Finding your wedding dress before your venue, or other wedding decisions, can actually make the shopping experience a lot less stressful. You won’t be limited to dresses that make sense for your venue!

Once you fall in love with your dress, everything else will fall into place. We promise!

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash