Bridal Sample Sale Myths

Feb 28, 2022

Have you heard the news?! Our biggest sale of the year is happening from July 9-18, 2021! We are so excited. This is our annual National Bridal Sale Event, which is where we offer our in-stock gowns for up to 80% OFF! There can be a lot of myths surrounding sample sales, so today we’re going to talk about them!


A sample sale occurs when a bridal shop has their in-stock bridal gowns on sale for a steep discount for brides to take home with them the same day! These are the gowns that were samples in the shop and have been tried on by brides who are dress shopping. 


Here is everything that will be included during our biggest sale of the year, July 9-18, 2021!

  • All in-stock dresses are reduced 20-40% off
  • An additional 50% off already reduced dresses
  • Veils priced at $25, $50, and $75
  • Clearance formalwear section for $39.99
  • Special orders receive 10% off + FREE shipping


Here are some common sample sale myths, and what we have to say about why they aren’t true!

Myth #1: Sample dresses are the unwanted discards

This is definitely not true! Sample sales happen to make room for new collections of dresses. This doesn’t mean that the samples are unwanted or anything “less than,” they are just ready to be worn by a bride! Think of it like spring cleaning — you have to get rid of things to make room for everything new!

Myth #2: My size won’t be available

This one does depend where you go shopping. Be sure to research the bridal shop to see if they’re size-inclusive. Here at K&B Bridals, we can assure you that we are! We carry gowns in a wide variety of sizes. However, be sure to give any bridal shop that you’re considering shopping a sample sale at a call to see if they have any samples available in your size range.

Myth #3: I will feel rushed and pressured during a sample sale

While this may be true at some bridal shops, it will not be the case here at K&B Bridals! We require an appointment during our sale so that we can ensure that you have a personal bridal stylist to work one-on-one with you, as well as a private area to try on dresses. Your appointment length will be the same as any other bridal appointment, and we will never rush or pressure you! We are always working to find your dream dress, regardless of the price.

Myth #4: I’ll miss out on the true bridal appointment experience

This sort of goes along with the previous point, but our bridal appointments are the same no matter what sale or event is going on! We always want our brides to feel special and get the dream experience of finding their dream wedding gown. We promise that you won’t feel like you missed out on the true appointment experience!

Myth #5: There are still a lot of dresses toward the end of the sale

While there will certainly still be options toward the end of the sale, your best bet is to try and book an appointment as early as possible during the sale! The later that you shop during the sale, the fewer dresses will be available.

Myth #6: Sample dresses are outdated

This is definitely not true! Some of the samples that are available during a sample sale are from the previous season of dresses. Besides, every bride has unique taste and style, so you are likely to find a dress that is perfect for you!


Now that we’ve debunked some bridal sample show myths, here are some of our additional tips to ensure that you have the best experience shopping during a sample sale!

  • Only bring 2-3 of your closest, most trusted friends and family members
  • Keep an open mind, but also go into the appointment with an idea of what you’re looking for
  • Have a budget in mind before your appointment

Don’t forget, our biggest sample sale of the year is from July 9-18th, 2021! Give us a call at 301-665-1070 to book an appointment ASAP, as spaces are already starting to fill up!