The Top 2022 Wedding Dress Trends

Mar 1, 2022

If you’ll be wedding dress shopping in 2022, you might be wondering what styles of dresses are out there right now! Wedding dress styles are constantly evolving, and there is something out there for every type of bride. However, we can tell you what some of the most popular trends are for wedding dresses in 2022! This can help you get a little bit of an idea of the trends that you do and don’t like as you prepare to shop.

Note: We may or may not have these specific dresses in our shop. At the time of writing this, we do carry all of these designers. However, that could be a different story depending when you are seeing this! It’s always best to contact us to see what current designers we have in our shop, as well as if you are looking for specific dresses.


Here are 10 trends that we are seeing in wedding dresses for 2022!

1. Exposed boning

Thanks to shows like “Bridgerton,” more structured bodices with exposed boning are becoming all the rage!

Dress pictured: Allegra by Adore by Justin Alexander

2. Square necklines

Square necklines are rising in popularity! Again, a lot of the reason for this is because of shows like “Bridgerton.”

Dress pictured: Charlotte by Justin Alexander

3. Transitional pieces

Transitional pieces include capes, removable sleeves, overskirts, and more! These allow brides to create a second look for the reception without having to buy a second dress.

Dress pictured: Cade by Madi Lane

4. Low backs

So many brides are looking for a dress with a very low back. This is super trendy and a great way for a bride to show some skin if that’s something that you’re looking for.

Dress pictured: Ansley by Love by Enzoani

5. Statement accessories

A lot of brides are going with more of a simple dress, and then going all out with a statement veil or headpiece.

Veil pictured: Y22050VEIL by Sophia Tolli

6. Bows

Statement bows are back and better than ever!

Dress pictured: Campbell by Justin Alexander

Dress pictured: Campbell by Justin Alexander

Dress pictured: Dorian by Madi Lane

8. Statement sleeves

Puffy sleeves are all the rage right now. They are a fun twist on adding sleeves to your gown!

Dress pictured: Brittany with sleeves by Sophia Tolli

9. Ruffles

Ruffles never really went out of style, but they are wildly popular right now! We see them most often in “tiered,” ballgown-style gowns.

Dress pictured: J6782 by Moonlight Bridal

10. Unique shades

Unique wedding dress shades are very in this year – and that doesn’t just mean black! Shades of blush, pistachio, nude, and more are incredibly popular right now.

Dress pictured: Rebekah by Sophia Tolli