2022 New Year’s Resolutions To Make As A Couple

Mar 1, 2022

“New year, new me,” right? Well, why not “new year, new marriage?” Not literally of course… but, there are plenty of new year’s resolutions that you can make as a couple to make your relationship better! Whether you’re newly engaged or have been married 10+ years, at least one of these 2022 new year’s resolutions should be something that you could benefit from.


Here are 10 new year’s resolution ideas for couples to try out in 2022!

1. Go to bed at the same time every night

You would be surprised at the difference this can make! Going to bed at the same time every night puts both of you on the same routine. It makes you feel less like roommates and more like a married couple!

2. Make a regular date night goal

Life gets busy, and it can be easy to put date nights on the back burner. Between work, kids, and just being tired… you probably don’t go on as many date nights as you did when you first started dating! Try to change that. Make it a goal to have a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly date night. And remember: a date night doesn’t have to be expensive! Heck, you don’t even have to go anywhere for your date night. You can have a dinner and movie at home! The point of this is just to spend some quality time together.

3. Read a book together each month

If you are both readers, make it a goal to read the same book together each month. At the end of the month, you can talk about it together! This is a super fun activity and feels like a mini book club just for the two of you. You can keep the books marriage-focused, or just make them some popular reads that you would both enjoy!

4. Ask each other this question every morning

Make it a resolution in 2022 to ask each other this question: “What can I do for you today to make your day easier?” You won’t believe the world of difference that it can make for you to be asked this question by your spouse!

And, of course – resolve to actually do whatever it is that will make your spouse’s day easier for them!

5. Resolve to save a certain amount of money throughout the year

Have a trip that you’re dying to take? Want to save up for a new house or car? Make a resolution to save a certain amount of money each month to try and hit your goal!

6. Make a cleaning schedule

Do you struggle to divvy up the chores between you as a couple? Make a schedule that you will both resolve to follow throughout the year!

7. Do something new once a month

If you feel like you’re stuck in the monotony of everyday life, make it your 2022 resolution to try one new thing together each month! This could be a new movie, traveling to a new destination, eating a foreign food that you’ve never tried… the possibilities are endless! The key is that you do these things together to gain new experiences as a couple.

8. Put your phones away for an hour each night

If you have a bad habit of scrolling on your phone all night (guilty!), make it a resolution to put your phones away for at least an hour each night. Just spend some quality time together! You can play a board game together, watch a movie, or just talk about your days.

9. Make more time for yourselves

While it’s important to spend time as a couple… it’s important to take some time for yourselves, too! If you struggle with this, try to make some self-care time in 2022. This could be going to the spa/salon for the day, taking a day to play your favorite video games by yourself, or having a craft day for yourself. Remember – the happier that you are by yourself, the happier you will be as a couple!

10. Learn each other’s love languages

Finally, take some time to learn each other’s love languages. You can click here to take a free test to see what your love language is! The five love languages include: 

  • Quality time
  • Gifts
  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation 
  • Acts of service

Chances are, the way that you most love to receive love is the way that you most often show love. And, that might not be your partner’s love language! Take some time to learn what their love language is so that you can make an effort to show them love in that way more often.